Nonfiction Titles That Prove “Truth is stranger than fiction.” Show Aug 1 and 2


“The Billion Dollar Spy” by David E. Hoffman
“Once Upon A Time in Russia” by Ben Mezrich
“The Spy’s Son” by Bryan Denson
“Arms and the Dudes” by Guy Lawson
“God’s Bankers” by Gerald Posner
“Two Hours” by Ed Caesar
“The Coloring Book” by Colin Quinn

Ben Mezrich, Author

A preview of new nonfiction titles that prove “Truth is stranger than fiction.” Ben Mezrich returns to the program to introduce Elaine to his latest book about Vladimir Putin and the Russian oligarchs, “Once Upon a Time in Russia.”


Thrillers From Around The Globe ~ Show February 7 and 8


“Burial Rites” by Hannah Kent
“The Forbidden Tomb” by Chris Kuzneski
“Seven Wonders” by Ben Mezrich
“The Accident” by Chris Pavone
“By Its Cover” by Donna Leon
“The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins
“The Black-Eyed Blonde” by Benjamin Black

Ben Mezrich, Author

An investigation into thrillers set around the world – from Iceland to Central America. Elaine speaks with Ben Mezrich, who takes an entertaining break from non-fiction with his “Seven Wonders.” His hero will remind you of a certain whip-bearing rabble-rousing archeologist.

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Elaine Meets Ben Mezrich At The Miami Book Fair International

Ben Mezrich has created his own addictive genre of nonfiction, chronicling fascinating stories of young geniuses making tons of money on the edge of impossibility, ethics, and morality.

He’s authored twelve books, including Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six M.I.T. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions, which spent sixty-three weeks on the Times bestseller list. His book, The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, a Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal –was adapted into the blockbuster movie The Social Network . While writing these true stories, he’s done some pretty awesome things. During his research for Bringing Down the House, he taped $250,000 to his body and smuggled it through airport security with some of the most notorious card-counters in the world, getting to taste the lifestyle of the Las Vegas high roller upon arrival. While writing Ugly Americans, he visited exclusive “Japanese Only” underground sex clubs in Tokyo and juggled roadblocks and run-ins against the Japanese mafia.

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Show August 17th & 18th



“Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead” by Sheryl Sandberg
“Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success” by Adam Grant
Breaking Out: How to Build Influence in a World of Competing Ideas” by John Butman
“Straight Flush: The True Story of Six College Friends Who Dealt Their Way to a
Billion-Dollar Online Poker Empire – and How It all Came Crashing Down” by Ben Mezrich
“The Buy Side: A Wall Street Trader’s Tale of Spectacular Excess” by Turney Duff
“The Lean Start-up: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation
to Create Radically Successful Businesses” by Eric Ries
“The Founder’s Dilemma” by Noam Wasserman
Delivering Happiness: Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose” by Tony Hsieh


Ben Mezrich, Author
Ilana Edelstein, Author of The Patron Way


With summer winding down, it will soon be back to a full workload at the office. Elaine presents timely, innovative titles that get down to business.

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