New Diana Book Has Charles Feeling Betrayed


Prince Charles has blasted a former close aide for “betraying” him in an explosive new book. The Queen’s ex-Press Secretary Dickie Arbiter is set to reveal secrets about Charles’ relationship with Diana and the breakdown of two other royal marriages. A palace source said: “Charles is furious. This man was a trusted friend.”

For 12 years, Buckingham Palace Press Secretary Arbiter was regarded as a man Charles could trust with his deepest secrets. But the 73-year-old is set to be the first ¬Buckingham Palace press officer ever to spill the beans on what he witnessed behind closed doors. Speculation over what lies inside his upcoming biography has sent shock waves through the regal corridors. It is understood officials have been taking legal advice in a desperate attempt to halt its publication.

A Palace source said: “He is raking over the breakdown of the marriage and the Prince has been asking aides ‘Why do we have to go through this all again?’ Arbiter has been told that he does not have official permission to write this book and a legal team has reviewed all his old contracts in a bid to try and find a way to stop it. The ex-aide, who has previously blasted others for selling royal secrets, stands to rake in around £250,000 from publishing advances and serialisation fees. He still receives lucrative pension payments from the Royal Family.
He admits having signed a confidentiality agreement while working as an official spokesman for the Queen between 1988 and 2000 – but claims his book will not break any confidentiality. It is understood Arbiter’s shock disclosures will detail how ¬Princess Diana felt “humiliated” by her husband’s affair with Camilla and her “dark days” as an unhappy wife. The book is said to reveal how the relationship went “sour” after Diana had been “madly in love with Prince Charles at the start of their marriage.” His story will reveal how the troubled Princess never expected the public backlash she faced over an infamous interview she gave speaking out about her husband’s betrayal for the first time and the affect it had on her young sons. Arbiter will also give his account of the Queen and Prince Charles’ ¬reaction to Diana’s relationship with Dodi Fayed, and her death in a car crash in Paris in 1997. In addition, the book, to be published in October, will cover Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s separation and eventual divorce in 1996, and Princess Anne’s split from Mark Philips in 1992. Arbiter says his book is a “candid look behind the scenes of the most sensational and ¬salacious royal stories.”


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