“The Games People Play” ~ Show Sept 6 and 7

This week on The Book Report

Featured Books Previewed

“Why Soccer Matters” by Pele with Brian Winter
“Michael Jordan: The Life” by Roland Lazenby
“Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America” by Jeff Ryan
“World of Warcraft: War Crimes” by Christie Golden
“The Outsider” by Jimmy Connors
“Titanic Thompson: The Man Who Bet on Everything” by Kevin Cook
“1954: The Year Willie Mays and the First Generation of Black Superstars Changed Major League Baseball Forever” by Bill Madden

Alan Connor, Author

Tune In To The Program For
We preview new titles about “The Games People Play” – soccer, baseball, basketball, and the more sedentary, but incredibly popular pursuits. Elaine speaks with Alan Connor, popular British TV quizmaster who’s just out with an fascinating look at the history and lore of Crossword puzzles.

Stations & Show Schedules
Cocoa, FL
WMEL AM 1300
Saturdays 6pm
Listen Live at 1300wmel.com
Marco Island, FL
WBGY 88.1 FM
Saturdays 1pm
Listen Live at http://tunein.com/radio/WBGY-881-s42053/
Nashville, TN
WATX News/Talk 100.9 FM/1600 AM
Sundays 1pm
Listen Live at http://cookevillesnewstalk.com/news-talk-live-player/


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