John Green’s Books To Racy To Read?


First it was Florida, then Wisconsin. John Green’s books – (though not “The Fault in Our Stars”) — have been coming under fire from parents.
In Pasco County, Fla., Green’s young adult novel “Paper Towns” was removed from an eighth-grade summer reading list after a parent complained about its content. Joanne Corcoran’s 13-year-old daughter “came to her mother asking her the definition of ‘masturbation,'” the Tampa Bay Times reports. “Corcoran further spotted F-bombs and references to teen sex.”
“Paper Towns” was rapidly removed from the reading list, a move that attracted the attention of censorship opponents, including the National Coalition Against Censorship. The book has been restored to the list.
Meanwhile, in Waukesha, Wis., parents tried to remove another of Green’s novels, “Looking for Alaska,” from school shelves, complaining the sexual content of “Looking for Alaska” was too mature for middle and high school students. As a local TV news station reported, they think the book was “too racy to read.”
Local school officials disagreed: they decided that “Looking for Alaska” will remain in the schools. Earlier this year, parents in Strasburg, Colo., challenged both books. Letters of support sent by more than 1,000 of Green’s readers and fans may have helped sway the school board, which voted 3-2 to allow “Looking for Alaska” and “Paper Towns” to remain.


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