In which I go outdoors on purpose


The Internet was down, meaning there was no TV either (we get everything through Hulu or Netflix), so we decided to go outside and somehow ended up at the 4-H fair.  A few random observations that really ought to have pictures with them but somehow don’t:

  • There was a giraffe.  At the petting zoo.  There should always always always be giraffes. Everywhere.  Especially at petting zoos.
  • After a while, though, watching the giraffe became less fun than watching the people walking by who were consistently surprised by the giraffe.  I heard “Is that a giraffe?” probably ten times from people who knew damn well what a giraffe looks like but couldn’t process the fact that there was one right the hell in front of them.
  • There were tigers doing tricks, but they were really not in the mood for them and so it was kind of sad and…

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