Behind The Curtain Of 101 Books

Robert Bruce’s journey through Time Mags 100 greatest novels

101 Books

I was looking at my About Me page recently and realized that it was pretty light on content. Not much there.

Honestly, that’s purposeful. When I started the blog, my goal was—and still is—to make 101 Books about the books, not me. This isn’t a personal blog. It’s a niche blog on a very specific subject.

Throughout, I might share a few tidbits about my life here and there, if it fits within the context of the post, but that’s about as far as I’ve gone.

Along the way, I try and spark discussion and maybe provide you with a little tidbit or interesting aspect of a novel that you never knew or thought about—something that I probably just learned myself.

All that said, there is a dude who writes this blog. That dude is me. Or is it me is that dude? Or maybe I am that dude…

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