The BBC reported recently that one in 10 Icelanders will publish a book at some point in their lives. Per capita, the island nation has more readers, writers, and books published than anywhere else on the planet.

So which contemporary Icelandic novels should you read? Icelanders suggest starting with INDEPENDENT PEOPLE by Nobel prize winner HALLDÓR LAXNESS; or GUNNLÖTH’S TALE by SVAVA JAKOBSDÓTTIR;  ANGELS OF THE UNIVERSE by EINAR MÁR GUDMUNDSSON Or any title by ARNALDUR INDRIDASON

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One thought on “ICELAND

  1. Actually, that’s a huge urban myth! If you run the numbers it’s not possible based on how many books are published in Iceland every year. The actual statistic that BBC misunderstood was actually something more like that one in every ten Icelanders will publish something in their life (as poem, an article, a letter to the editor, or a book…but not necessarily a book).

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