The New Yorker is just out with their  second-annual look at the literary world’s scuffles, controversies, and feisty debates, including:

 Lauren Sandler’s book “One and Only,” notes many successful female writers had only one child. This spawned a lively interchange. Zadie Smith commented “I have two children,” Dickens had ten. Did anyone worry those men were becoming too father-ish to be writer-esque? Next, once again it was Jonathan Franzen vs. the modern world. In September, Franzen was in high cantankerous form, lambasting Jeff Bezos, bewailing our “media-saturated, technology-crazed, apocalypse-haunted historical moment,” and criticizing Salman Rushdie for having “succumbed” to Twitter. Rushdie responded on Twitter (“enjoy your ivory tower”).

Lots to keep up with in the literary landscape, so tune into my show The Book Report.

We are now on WABC NY Saturdays #NY WABC 770AM 6:30-7pm


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