Dick Cheney’s Heart


In his new  book, written with his cardiologist Jonathan Reiner, “Heart: An American Medical Odyssey,” former Vice President Dick Cheney admits he was so close to death in 2010, he said farewell to his family.

Cheney writes,  “I believed I was approaching the end of my days, but that didn’t frighten me. I was pain free and at peace, and I had led a remarkable life.”  Cheney had struggled with coronary disease since 1978, when as a 37-year-old Congressional candidate he had the first of five heart attacks.

At age 71, Chency had a  heart transplant.  He spent 20 months waiting for the new heart from a donor who’s  never been publicly identified. His doctors says the former VP  received no “special accommodation,” and in fact waited twice the average time.

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