Yes sometimes we need to embrace the dark side. See how good it can be.

So, are you in a dark place? Let’s give in to a wicked pleasure and review a top editor’s choices for best horror writers ..names you may not know.

Topping the list is M.R. Jamesa supernatural master credited with inventing the modern ghost story. H.P. Lovecraft –, was the dean of cosmic horror. Robert Bloch – best known as the author of the novel upon which Alfred Hitchcock based Psycho. And,  for modern horror fiction Karl Edward Wagner –and Ramsey Campbell.

Yes, Stephen King and Ray Bradbury are further down the list, but it’s our job to research the unexpected. Check my website,, or tune into my show, The Book Report, every weekend.

Tune into the show, The Book Report.Saturdays: Boston (WNBP) 8AM, Chicago (WIND) 5PM, LA (KTLK) 5PM & New York City (WOR) 11PM PLZ RT



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