George W Bush Working on a Bio of His Father

His paintings made news worldwide, but it turns out former President George W. Bush has been working on another, highly personal project since leaving the White House: He has completed a biography of his father, former President George H.W. Bush.
Crown Publishers told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the book, currently untitled, will be released November 11. In 2010, Crown published the younger Bush’s memoir, “Decision Points.”
“George H.W. Bush is a great servant, statesman, and father,” George W. Bush said in a statement issued by Crown. “I loved writing the story of his life, and I hope others enjoy reading it.”
The book will cover the elder Bush’s life and his influence on his son, from George W.’s “childhood in West Texas to campaign trips with his father, and from his decision to go into politics to his own two-term presidency.” “As the only father and son to each have served as US President since John and John Quincy Adams, George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush occupy a unique position,” Mavjee said.
The relationship between the two presidents has long fascinated scholars, political insiders and the general public. Many have speculated that the younger Bush felt competitive with his father, driven to surpass him and to gain his approval. The book is expected to be around 300 pages. Although Bush had assistance with research, he wrote the book himself.
George H.W. Bush, who turned 90 in June, was defeated in 1992 by Bill Clinton, but his stature has grown. Jon Meacham, Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer, is also working on a Bush book.
The elder Bush is one of the few presidents in modern times not to have written a memoir. His books include “All the Best: My Life in Letters and Other Writings” and “A World Transformed,” a collaboration with former National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft.

Lena Dunham On Book Tour


Lena Dunham’s coming tour to promote her book “Not That Kind of Girl,” is already partly sold out, months before it kicks off in New York City on Sept. 30.
Dunham, who received an advance of more than $3.5 million for the book, incited minor online pandemonium with the announcement of the 11-stop tour, which will feature Dunham onstage with “oodles of special guests,” as her website put it, including the writers Mary Karr (in Boston), Curtis Sittenfeld (in Iowa City) and Carrie Brownstein (in Portland). Advance tickets for the event at the Chicago Humanities Festival on Oct. 6, where Ms. Dunham will appear with the “Girls” co-executive producer Jenni Konner, were sold out almost immediately. Ditto for the finale on Oct. 21 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, featuring Zadie Smith, Jemima Kirke and the band Bleachers, fronted by Ms. Dunham’s boyfriend, Jack Antonoff.

Beyonce Involved With 50 Shades of Grey?


Beyoncé has offered fans a first glimpse of the forthcoming trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey, hinting that she may have some involvement with the film’s soundtrack.

The 15-second clip was posted on the singer’s Instagram account, where it was accompanied by a brief, breathy intro from her hit song Crazy in Love.

Fifty Shades of Grey is expected to be the first in a trilogy based on the British novelist’s bestselling books. The first film is due in cinemas on 13 February 2015.

New Business Titles ~ Show Aug 30 and 31

This week on The Book Report


“Think Like a Freak” by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner
“The Obstacle is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph” by Ryan Holiday
“Factory Man: How One Furniture Maker Battled Offshoring, Stayed Local – and Helped Save an American Town” by Beth Macy
“Things a Little Bird Told Me” by Biz Stone
“Stress Test: Reflections on Financial Crises” by Timothy Geithner
“Creativity Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces that Stand in the Way of True Inspiration” by Ed Catmull
“Talk Like Ted: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds” by Carmine Gallo
“Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” by Greg McKeown

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George RR Martin Cries Wolf …… For Charity


Maybe it’s because he’s eviscerated countless characters, but Game of Thrones author George R R Martin certainly knows the way to people’s hearts.

A 13-year-old fan wrote to him, and donated his entire savings of £153 to Martin’s online charity campaign supporting a wolf sanctuary in New Mexico. To galvanise donations, Martin has posted a number of prizes for various levels of investment, including being a named character in his next novel – who would then be killed off. That prize was given to two very deep-pocketed folks in June. The young fan, who also wants to become a wolf conservationist, told Martin “a gruesome grizzly death is all I ask for.” Martin responded to the fan, saying “those spots have already been filled by some very generous donors, and there’s a limit to how many people even I can kill.” But he said he was impressed with the boy’s donation: “I cannot tell you how much that moved me. It pleases me no end to know that my novels, and the TV series based on them, have inspired readers as young as yourself to rally to the support of these majestic and too often stigmatised animals.” He then promised to donate $10,000 in the boy’s name to the UK Wolf Conservation Trust.

Martin is currently writing The Winds of Winter, the sixth book in a series that has won a legion of new fans after it was adapted into the hit TV show Game of Thrones. The three year period since the last novel has proved too long a wait for some readers, with some speculating that he might run out of time before completing the series – bringing an angry response from the author.

CNN Reports on America’s Coolest Bookstores


Recently, CNN reported their choices for the world’s coolest bookstores. Out of their list of 17, here are the US stores that made the cut:

Powell’s City of Books (Portland, Oregon)
The largest used and new bookstore in the world is housed inside a modest, multi-level building (currently undergoing extensive renovation) that takes up a full city block. New and used editions are shelved side by side, giving customers a handy choice of price options. The biggest names in publishing show up here to do readings and book signings.

Strand (New York)
Back in the 1920s, six blocks of Manhattan’s Fourth Avenue were known as “Book Row.”
Of the 48 bookstores that gave the district its name, Strand is the only survivor.
After moving to its current location on Broadway and 12th Street, the store built up a staggering catalog that now includes 2.5 million new, used and rare books. The coolest section is the Rare Book Room. “Our most expensive title in store right now is a copy of James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’ illustrated by Henri Matisse,” says marketing manager Brianne Sperber. The book is priced at $45,000.

John K. King Used & Rare Books (Detroit, Michigan)
Opened in 1965, this massive bookstore is one of Detroit’s must-visit venues. Housed in an old glove factory and with more than a million books in stock, the store has more than 900 alphabetized categories.

“Right now, we have a copy of the true First Edition of the Book of Mormon, priced at $100,000,” owner John K. King told CNN. “Our oldest book is a copy of the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas, printed in Venice in 1482.”

Parnassus Books (Nashville, Tennessee)
When “Bel Canto” author Ann Patchett opened a bookstore in Nashville with a partner she’d just met, she didn’t expect to be become the unofficial spokesperson for indie bookstores struggling in Amazon’s wake. Patchett’s efforts to publicize the store thrust it into the literary spotlight when it opened, securing a New York Times front page story and a spot on “The Colbert Report.” Thanks to Patchett’s connections, Parnassus has no shortage of famous writers turning up to read from their latest books. As befitting its location in the birthplace of country music, the store carries a thoughtfully curated music section.

The Last Bookstore (Los Angeles)
Hopefully, the Last Bookstore will never fulfill the prophecy of its name. The popular warehouse-like store buys and sells new and used books and is home to an excellent coffee bar and a record shop.
The store’s columnar displays of books are so cool, they served as a backdrop for a fashion shoot in the latest issue of “Esquire.” The 100,000 books stacked in the “Labyrinth Above the Last Bookstore” section on the mezzanine level sell for a dollar each. “The space we occupy was originally a bank, and there are still vaults on both floors of our store, but now they are full of books,” says store manager Katie Orphan. “We generally have around 200,000 books in the store at any given time.”

“The Goldfinch” Headed To The Big Screen

Donna Tartt’s third novel, “The Goldfinch,” has attracted a string of award nominations and a Pulitzer Prize. Its success continues with news that Warner Bros has acquired the film rights to the book, and that a feature film production is in the works.

Brett Ratner, who directed “Rush Hour” and “Red Dragon,” will co-produce with Brad Simpson and Nina Jacobson, the producer of “The Hunger Games.” Ratner’s most recent directorial effort is the summer blockbuster “Hercules.”

Tartt’s novel is 784 pages long and follows a grieving 13-year-old boy, whose fate becomes intertwined with a mysterious 17th-century painting at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.