Flash Boys, A Wall Street Revolt

Michael Lewis strikes again with his new real life financial drama, “Flash Boys, A Wall Street Revolt.” Lewis alleges the stock market is “rigged” by high frequency traders being able to “front run” orders ahead of other traders. “Flash Guys” also focuses on the creation of IEX, the Investor’s Exchange, aimed at eliminating the advantage of high-frequency trading.

Sony Pictures is working on a movie rights deal for the book that focuses on high-frequency trading and possible market manipulation. This will be the second Sony deal for a Lewis’ book, following 2011’s “Moneyball,” which starred Brad Pitt.

Bloomberg News reported on April 1, the day after publication of “Flash Guys,” that the FBI was investigating whether high-frequency trading firms break U.S. laws by acting on nonpublic information to gain an edge over competitors.

Travel the Globe ~ Show April 26 and 27

“Fast Times in Palestine” by Pamela Olson
“The Last Train to Zona Verde” by Paul Theroux
“Train” by Tom Zoellner
“Labyrinth of Kingdoms” by Steve Kemper
“Canoeing the Congo” by Phil Harwood
“On the Trail of Genghis Khan” by Tim Cope
“The Longest Road” by Phil Caputo
“Mastering the Art of French Eating” by Ann Mah
Tom Zoellner, author of “Train”
With summer looming in the not-too-distant future, The Book Report travels the globe on journeys of discovery: fascinating new histories and compelling memoirs.



Peter Matthiessen passed away in April, just before his new title was set to publish. In Paradise might seem to be an odd, perhaps offensive, title for a book set in a concentration camp. But Matthiessen never aimed simply to shock. The author had attended a meditation retreat at Auschwitz in the 1990s. In the novel, as in real life, the participants joined hands and began to move around the camp mess hall in a circle, singing. They were “transcending the atmosphere of grief and banishing lamentation,” observed the author’s protagonist Clements Olin. The author himself admitted he was powerfully moved by the dancing. Matthiessen wanted to explore the Zen of the experience. He was himself a Zen roshi (master teacher) who gave classes at a meditation hall he established on the grounds of his home in Long Island.

Matthiessen never flinched from challenging his readers. His nonfiction, such as In the Spirit of Crazy Horse and National Book Award–winning The Snow Leopard, made a passionate case for preserving the world’s wild places and indigenous peoples; his novels, from Race Rock in 1954 to Shadow Country, another National Book Award winner, in 2008, explored extreme aspects of human experience.

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Oh, say it isn’t so…The news from Hollywood is that David Fincher’s movie version of “Gone Girl” will have an ending that differs significantly from that of Gillian Flynn’s bestselling novel.

Now here’s the truly startling news….Flynn is making the changes herself ….she’s writing the screenplay. She’s given the story “a whole new third act,” an alteration drastic enough that it “shocked” the film’s star, Ben Affleck. Flynn comments…“There was something thrilling about taking this piece of work that I’d spent two years painstakingly putting together, with all its 8 million Lego pieces, take a hammer to it and bash it apart and reassemble it into a movie.”

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St. Martin’s Press is making a huge bet we’re still hot and heavy for romance novels.

The publisher has just agreed to pay an eye-popping eight-figure advance to Sylvia Day, a romance writer, for her next two books.… a series called “Blacklist.” These titles are a follow-up to her “Crossfire” series, which sold more than 13 million copies since its 2012 release.

Erotica and romance titles, particularly EL James’ “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy, have lifted publishers out of the doldrums. Case in point…. Random House, who published the “Fifty Shades” trilogy, posted record profits in 2012 and awarded each of its US employees  — right down to warehouse workers — a $5,000 bonus.

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I’ve just been introduced to a new word…. it’s awesome.  “Bromance.” Is a literary category of best guy pals…Here are some great examples….

Darcy and Bingley (from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice): Frodo and Sam (from the Lord of the Rings series): Theo and Boris (from Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch): Harry and Ron (from Harry Potter ): Sherlock and Dr Watson…and Hemingway and Fitzgerald (from Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast): wherein Fitzgerald confided to Hemingway that Zelda complained his penis was too small. Hemingway actually accompanied him to the bathroom considered the comment, then reassured F Scott it was definitely a good size. If that’s not friendship, we don’t know what is!

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Earth Day ~ Show April 19 and 20

“The Man From Clear Lake” by Bill Christofferson
“Wet Desert” by Gary Hansen
“The Sixth Extinction” by Elizabeth Colbert
“World Made By Hand” by James Howard Kunstler
“How To Think Seriously About the Planet” by Roger Scruton
“Finding Everett Ruess” by David Roberts
“Visit Sunny Chernobyl” by Andrew Blackwell
“My First Summer in the Sierra” by John Muir
Larry Bud Meyer, author of “Mother Fracker”
A literary salute to Earth Day with previews of fiction and non-fiction titles that spotlight key environmental issues.